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Richie Winkler                                                              

Saxophonist - Clarinetist - Composer - Arranger



The Red Microphone: Musician Portraits

Broadcast - Fresh Jazz from the Richie Winkler Project - Many thanks to Barbara Be for the great interview! If you like, you can listen to the programme again on Radio Helsinki. - The Red Microphone. A bit about my youth and the newly released CD - "Stitch Down" by the Richie Winkler Project feat. Frauenlob/Stolz/Derschmidt. Store: http://www.alessarecords.at/jazz-art

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Photos ©Harald Schmidt



the new CD is out now!

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Richie Winkler Project: "STITCH DOWN"

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CD - Cover Foto  ©Kurt Van der Vloed

Grafik - ©Tino Klissenbauer