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Landpartie ins Waldviertel


Schrammelklang Festival Litschau 2023, erstes WE! Großmütterchen Hatz auf dem Tanzboden! Weggeblasen!


Schrammelklang Festival Litschau 23, erstes WE! Großmütterchen Hatz auf dem Tanzboden!


Katzenjammer - Hatz / Klissenbauer / Winkler. schönes Stück! https://youtu.be/LCfyAdHXfQw. Franziska Hatz - Akkordeon
Tino Klissenbauer - Akkordeon
Richie Winkler - Klarinette
Aus dem Programm "Film ab - Ton läuft!" 

RICHIE WINKLER Project at Salzstadl Krems.

Great Fotos from  © Josef Leitner!!!


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20th of March 2022 - Filmcasino Wien (Vienna) - Lifesession at Akkordeonfestival Wien

THE EXTRA GIRL (USA 1923, 68 Min.)

Fotos von Nico Kaiser click!

It was a pleasure, thanx!!!!!


Ladys and Gentlemen, we gonna play at Musikwerkstatt in Wels! 1st February 2022.


On Saturday -  Jazzfestival Steyr um 21 Uhr! Richie Winkler Project! Altes Theater! We look forward to your coming!!!JAZZFESTIVAL-STEYR.ATJAZZFESTIVAL Steyr 2021 - 19.10.-24.10.2021 - Up in the old Theatre - 4400 Steyr, Austria


Many thanks to Johann Kneihs for presenting my CD in such a great way on the radio programme "Spielräume"!

Listen to it here:

Passionate albums in classical jazz instrumentation

Leidenschaftliche Alben in klassischer Jazzbesetzung



Das rote Mikro: Musikerportraits

 Frischer Jazz vom Richie Winkler Project 

 Many thanks to Barbara Be for the great interview! If you want to listen to the programme again, you can do so on Radio Helsinki. - The Red Microphone. A bit about my youth and the newly released CD - "Stitch Down" by the Richie Winkler Project feat. Frauenlob/Stolz/Derschmidt. Store: http://www.alessarecords.at/jazz-art 

The podcast is in german.




Photos: facebook-pen256  instagram

...and here: https://www.facebook.com/richiewinklerproject

Fotos ©Harald Schmidt


This was Richie Winkler Project at Tube´s in Graz on 17.06.21

in kleines Video auf facebook.

Richie Winkler
Burkhard Frauenlob - piano
Wolfram Derschmidt
Christian Stolz - drums


This was Urban Native at the Tube's in Graz at the Soundcheck on 19.06.21

a little video on facebook.

Marco Annau - Keys & Composition

Mahan Mirarab - Guitar

Richie Winkler - Alto Saxophone, Soprano Sax

Marko Ferlan - Bass

Jörg Mikula - Drums


Concert series with Richie Winkler at Tube's in Graz.
come by!!!


Mail: office@tubes-music.at 

Tel.: +43 664 927 527 5

Tag 1 - Do. 17.06.21

Richie Winkler Project feat. Frauenlob/Derschmidt/Stolz


Richie Winkler - saxophones, bass clarinet
Burkhard Frauenlob - piano, keyboard
Wolfram Derschmidt - bass
Christian Stolz - drums

CD - Präsentation



Tag 2 - Fr. 18.06.21

Richie Winkler Project feat. Frauenlob/Derschmidt/Stolz


Richie Winkler - saxophones, bass clarinet
Burkhard Frauenlob - piano, keyboard
Wolfram Derschmidt - bass
Christian Stolz - drums

CD - Präsentation

Tag 3 - Sa. 19.06.21



Marco Annau - Keys & Composition

Mahan Mirarab - Guitar

Richie Winkler - Alto Saxophone, Soprano Sax

Marko Ferlan - Bass

Jörg Mikula - Drums




Best to book ONLINE, it's very easy, or come by!

..and the 3 GeGeGe apply!

Mail: office@tubes-music.at 

Tel.: +43 664 927 527 5


a great review!!!!! Many thanks to 

Conny Ebruster.




April 22, 2021 MICA

Originating from the Duo FJORD the Richie Winkler Project features now four musicians RICHIE WINKLER, BURKHARD FRAUENLOB, WOLFRAM DERSCHMIDT and CHRISTIAN STOLZ, each one an expert in interpreting classic jazz in an exciting way and who, together, are now impressively attracting attention for the first time with “Stitch Down” (Alessa Records).

The Richie Winkler Project emerged from the Duo FJORD, originally featuring Richie Winkler (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet) and Burkhard Frauenlob (piano, keyboard) through addition of the two musicians Wolfram Derschmidt (bass) and Christian Stolz (drums) to a jazz quartet to pursue a new musical approach. The four musicians celebrate their own band sound on “Stitch Down”, the development its expansion is strongly influenced by the broad spectrum of jazz history. The goal of the team of four is to get the listeners to stand up and dance, to generate positive energy and transfer it to the audience. In addition, the album is also a tribute to the great masters such as Cannonball Adderley, Kenny Garrett or John Coltrane.

Richie Winkler and Burkhard Frauenlob are responsible for the very comprehensive compositions, telling their musical stories through wonderfully varied arcs of tension. What is presented by the ensemble oscillates in an extraordinarily thrilling way between swing, groove and successful improvisations and develops a tone that carries a lot of emotion and takes on an almost pictorial character. When you listen through the individual musical creations of the Richie Winkler Project, your imagination is inevitably stimulated, you feel invited to immerse yourself in the spherical soundscape of the quartet and let yourself be carried away.

With “Stitch Down” the four musicians of the project prove that they have done their homework in jazz masterfully and that they know how to get a lot of new and exciting out of the classical. The album convinces with its very lively and playful substance, which stands out from any theory in a refreshing way.

Conny Ebruster.



the new CD is out now!

you can order at!


€ 18,00 

Preis inkl. 20% MwSt. + Delivery

Richie Winkler Project: "STITCH DOWN"

ALR 1095 


Today - Live Stream at the Porgy & Bess - drop by!


the new CD is out now!

You can order them as of today from 


€ 18,00 

Preis inkl. 20% MwSt. + Delivery

Richie Winkler Project: "STITCH DOWN"

ALR 1095 


a new Video from the recordsession!

das RichieWinkler Project 

important date: 18.04.2021 - streaming concert at Porgy&Bess

it is the CD/LP presentation!!



Record studio production before Corona!

A video from the NEW ALBUM of "Clarence Wolof & The Passengers" ISLAND SESSIONS available on 2vinyl or CD or download Richie Winkler - sax Stefan Gferrer . double bass Manfred Temmel - guit Peter Rosmanith - perc AleX Deutsch - drums Ken Emerson - lap steel guit Markus Pechmann - trump Wolfgang Temmel - ukulele Captain Knob - breath Stefan Wedam - Cello Video: Ruth Tünkler © 2020 by Clarence Wolof & The Passengers

Ille de Rivera

Wolfgang Temmel


In spite of the Corona Pandemia and because of the cultural support of the Vienniese Administration we had in August the chance to play some great and exciting concerts on different places in town and also on the countryside!

On August 20th we played on the Tschaunerstage (Tschaunerbühne) with the Band

"Großmütterchen Hatz&Klok feat. "Philly Dog"  https://www.facebook.com/karin.hoffmann.7568/videos/10157939346917362/


On August 16th the Band Großmütterchen Hatz&Klok played as part of the "Kultursommer Wien" at the "Main Stage - Wien Oberlaa!"



In the meantime, on August 16th I had been a recording-session for the production - Thomas Seher & Schuhwerk Pranzl/Britschgi  - at Gaußplatz Studios Vienna -


on August 15th Großmütterchen Hatz&Klok  played on the Donaubühne Tulln!



On August 7th I had a concert with the Band "Troi" at Karl-Marxhof on 12.Februar Platz. I had to replace the part of Tino Klissenbauer, who is actually the boss of the band. We played as Trio called "MiniTreu". Franziska HatzBerndt Satzinger u. Richie Winkler




In January we recorded a CD in the Radiokulturhaus Vienna! There will also be a limited number of records.

At the moment the recordings are being mixed and mastered by Werner Angerer!

Information on: www.facebook.com/richiewinklerproject

Here are 3 videos from our first concert at Tube's in Graz!



I played a concert as special guest with the "Burkhard Frauenlob Trio". We had a great performance at Tube´s in Graz. Thanks to Burki, the musicians and to the great audience!!!

burki trio


Dear Friend, come out and join the event "musikalischer Adventkalender", We use to deliver the right music on that special event!

It is the 5th Concert in the 5th district of Vienna!

05.12.19 - Hudler/Winkler - Arenabar - Wiener musik. Adventkalender

Margaretenstraße 117,1050 Wien





Our next concert!

Groove Jazz

SA, 09.November 2019 - 09:30 pm
WIST, Moserhofgasse 34, Graz

Infos auf: www.facebook.com/richiewinklerproject


Because the piano player became sick, the past date of the recording session at the RadioKulturhaus had been canceled.

BUT we got a second option for the recording session. It is the 11./12.01.2020!!!


Dear Ladys and Gentlemen!

We would like to announce that we are attending a recording session for our first CD with the „Richie Winkler Project feat. Frauenlob/Stolz/Derschmidt“.

It will take place on the 1st and 2nd of September in the studios of the Radio Kulturhaus in Vienna.

We are very excited.



Our next concert in Vienna, Austria!!!

Tickets HERE!



3 Videos from the last concert is ready!!! Enjoy it!


Don´t Cry For Me Crete




Stitch Down


Jazz und Groovejazz at its best. 

The Tune is called "Jonasbild" and it is recorded live at the Tube´s in Graz and you can hear the Bassclarinet.


This was the first concert of the Richie Winkler Project feat. Frauenlob/Stolz/Derschmidt at Tube´s in Graz on 16th of November 2018.

Photos: Here you can see a photo gallery of some pictures shot by the great Harry Schmidt!


There will be a live recording for some videos.

RW-Project-Flyer Kopie 2

I founded a new jazz project this year. The name is:

„Richie Winkler Project feat. Frauenlob/Derschmidt/Stolz“

 we are composing and rehearsing, work in progress!


Richie Winkler - Altsaxophone, Sopransaxophone, Bassclarinet

Burkhard Frauenlob - Klavier, Keyboard

Wolfram Derschmidt - Bass

Christian Stolz - Drums

We had a photo session with the great Pia Fronia, Thanx!


Next, a date in Tube's Graz is made to record a video, and then we go to the recording studio to make the new CD.

"stitch down" - the program title



We had concerts in waidhofen an der ybbs in upper and and in Maria Neustift on the mountains of lower austria.

There was a very nice mayor of this small town, he picked us up and climed us up with his car. 

GMHK-Trio260518 Kopie1


Here one piece of the Live-Recording for the ORF 3, celebrating "50 Years Ö1 - Spielräume" at the Radio Kulturhaus in Vienna!


The new CD is out now! - Salon Oskar

hatz & klok ARTWORK FRONT klein


A musical meet-up that raises high expectations. With “Grossmuetterchen Hatz” and “Trio Klok” two formations have found together, that are already well known to connoisseurs of the local world music scene and need not be introduced further. Everyone who is not yet familiar – mark my words - they are two of the most remarkable and in the past years also most successful representatives of global sound in Austria. M. Ternai 2017


4 Videos from the n brand new program of - Großmütterchen Hatz & Klok:


Hanuma / Lachrymose - Trad./Comp. - Roman Britschgi - Großmütterchen Hatz & Klok


Shabbat Nigun (Trad.) - Großmütterchen Hatz & Klok

Bin Goel (Trad.) - Großmütterchen Hatz & Klok


SHORTCUTS - Großmütterchen Hatz & Klok

1) Noras Waltz - Comp. Roman Britschgi
2) A gelba Gedank - Comp. Richie Winkler, Lyrics. Franziska Hatz, Johanna Pichlbauer
3) Kolomeyke - Trad., Arr. Roman Britschgi


2015: Austrian World Music Award - Audiance PRICE

2016: FUSION Grossmütterchen Hatz & Klok

2016: Eröffnung Wiener FESTWOCHEN

2017: Eröffnung Internationales Akkordeonfestival Wien

2017: CD "Salon Oskar"

Thanks to the ORF for the great report

Two Pictures from the Recordingsession!



Just watch a few more days!!!




Here an other video from the Ensemble insel.klang


Muta cor 1
Comp. Richard Winkler
Lyrics. Augustinus Aurelius

Ensemble insel.klang
Live at Brigittakirche/Vienna, October 2nd 2016


It is a pleasure to introduce you two videos of the insel.klang festival!

Quid est bonum
Comp. Richard Winkler
Lyrics. Augustinus Aurelius


Comp. Roman Britschgi
Lyrics. Lukas Schiemer


INSEL.KLANG.TAGE 2016 (30.09.-02.10.)


picture: roman britschgi

The 20th district in Vienna is becoming more and more a homebase of artists, and has always been an area of immigration. In the twentieth century, Jewish immigration in particular was essential, before the Nazi regime made its terrible killings and expulsions a reality. As artists living in the 20th district, we want to raise awareness about the extent to which this district has changed and show what a great artistic potential Brigittenau holds.

This festival is a prelude to a series of other events that make the 20th district a multifaceted and dynamic cultural venue.

Ensemble 2016

Jazz Voice - Jessica Slavik

Classical Voice - Johanna Sophia Baader

Viola - Martina Engel

Cello - Peter Hudler

Organ - Wolfgang Reisinger

Accoustic Bass - Roman Britschgi

Alto-, SopranoSaxophone, Clarinet - Richie Winkler

Tenor-, SopranoSaxophone - Lukas Schiemer

Trumpet - Bartholomäus Natter

Trumpet - Martin Eberle

Trombone - Phil Yaeger



Well, here are the new 3 videos from the live concert in May, 23rd 2016 with the new members of the band!

You can discover a playlist starting with the 3 new videos in a raw entitled:  For Your Sake, Cromwell und Heisser Tartar & Cranberry


Many Thanx to the musician:  FranziskaGroßmütterchen Hatz & KlokIngrid OberkaninsAndreas PranzlMartin EberleMario Vavti, Franz Kreimer, Roman BritschgiChristian Eberle, Wolfgang Fries - Livemix, Robin Gillard  - Audio,  Jura Nicolas  - Camera, Cut





The new Band is on the road now!!!

We have renamed the Band

Grandma Hatz & Klok


Franziska Hatz          Voice, Accordion

Richie Winkler           Altosax, Soprano, Metal-Cl., BassClarinet

Joerg Reissner          Guitar

Roman Britschgie      Bass

Sasa Nikolic         Drums


Großmütterchen Hatz More Piece Band (A) - we are on the main stage, on Saturday the 07/02/16 from 1.30 - 2.45 pm!!! 
Join us, there are a lot of great acts at the whole festival!!!

37. Int. Musikfest Waidhofen/Thaya1. Juli - 3. Juli · Waidhofen an der Thaya, Nied



Today Live at the "Wiener Rathausplatz":


Das Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar

watch at 09.20 pm at ORF2!!!


ORF 2: Eröffnung der Wiener Festwochen 2016 - tv.ORF.attv.ORF.at: Das aktuelle TV-Programm von ORF eins, ORF 2, ORF III und ORF Sport+TV.ORF.AT

As winner of the Austrian World Music Award we proudly got the opportunity to open the new year events at the Sargfabrik in Vienna. We will present some guest musicians and new arranged songs. The guests are Wolfgang Sambs on guitar, Robin Gillard on percussion and Roman Britschgi on bass! And for you in the tried and tested way "Das Grossmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar!"



Madeleine | Bar & Musiktheater

11.09.15 | 20:00 Uhr Luzern, Schweiz

Kombinat Alpenrösli
Gästival - Seerose

12.09.15 | 20:00 Uhr Flüelen, Schweiz

Kombinat Alpenrösli
Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar: Alm Konzerte - Jazzfestival 2015

Location:Vorderkühbühelhof Saalfelden



Franziska Hatz - accordion, voice 
Richie Winkler - saxophone, clarinet
Simon Schellnegger - viola
Julian Pieber - percussion
:: The ÖBB presents this concert ::
Franziska Hatz, founder of the witty and energetic Salon Orkestar, has been stirring things up in the Vienna music scene since 2010. This energetic, multifaceted quartet blends klezmer with pop, folk-rock, ska, and jazz in an astonishingly skillful and humorous way.

Thank you for joining us!!!


Come to the BENEFIT CONCERT for refugees


Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar

Thuesday, July 2th, 7.30 pm at Kunsthaus Weiz.

Mit dem Konzert werden Deutschkurse für die 37 Flüchtlinge in Weiz finanziert.Karten und Infos: 

Kulturbüro Weiz, Rathausgasse 3, 8160 Weiz, +433172/2319-620 & in allen Ö-Ticket-Verkaufsstellen

Für Flüchtlinge gibt es Gratiskarten, für ehrenamtliche MitarbeiterInnen in der Flüchtlingshilfe kostet die Karte 10 €.-

Reservierungen: +43664/1442884




An Important Concert Date:

Winkler&Frauenlob at Cafe Mocca in Wien, A-1180 Wien, Gersthofer Straße 2a

on April, the 11th 2015

a new Video! For Your Sake


KlezMORE Abschlußgala 2

Scheiny´s All Star Yddish Revue / Das Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar

Our next Concert - Das Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar

at Sunday, November the 23th, 8pm

at Metropol in Hernals, Vienna, Austria

featuring: Franziska HatzJulian PieberSimon SchellneggerRichie Winkler - Special Guest Ingrid Oberkanins! .Robin Gillard



10 Years Anniversary Babü  Double Concert

Friday, 14th of November at 8 pm

Babü Wolkersdorf at Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel



"Man kann durchaus sagen, dass dem  Großmütterchen Hatz Orkestar  mit „Terry Goes Around“ sein bisheriges Meisterstück gelungen ist. (...) Es ist mitreißend, berührend, originell, eigenständig, unterhaltend und fordernd. Was will man mehr?"Michael Ternai,9.9.2014  MICA  

"Mit ihrem neuen Album ist als ein stilistisch abwechslungsreiches, genreübergreifendes Album gelungen, dabei kompakt arrangiert. Das Grossmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar ist perfekt in vielen Richtungen und macht offene Musik für ein offenes Publikum".  Leiss, Concerto Magazin, Oktober 2014

CD Buy at HOANZL !!!!



...theres is an interview from Franziska und me at ORF 3, from now for 6 Days!!!



CD _ Release Concert

(Das Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar)

GMH -10-Piece-Band

September the 25th at ORF RadioKulturhaus!! Vienna

Argentinierstraße 30a, 1040 Vienna


CD_PRESENTATION "Terry goes around" 10-PIECE BAND








The new video has arrived!!! 

"Terry goes around" Comp. Arr.: Richie Winkler, Lyrics: J. Pichelbauer
Live @ Porgy & Bess VIENNA, February 2014

something new has happened-:))

Hang - Intro "Für Christian" Comp. Arr.: Ingrid Oberkanins
"Franfare" Comp. Franziska Hatz, Arr.: Richie Winkler
Live @ Porgy & Bess VIENNA, February 2014
Part of "Terry goes around"

The brand new Video created by Ursula Feuersinger


The genesis of GMH Orkestar documented in a Song of Richie Winkler, played by the GMH 10 PIECE BAND! 








Richie Winkler - soprano
Burkhard Frauenlob - piano


from the current program " FJORD " the song
Lied2 - comp. B.Frauenlob

recorded with a Smartphone at "Feuerwehrmuseum
Groß St. Florian" - Sryria, Austria





We have completed the first recording session for the new CD of GMH-Orkestar. We had a great time together, and I am very satisfied - :)

I want to thank all the musicians and technicians for such an intense time.



12.04.2014 | 17.00 UHR 




2nd Opener

 am 23. February 2014 | at 20.30 Uhr at   PORGY & BESS  Vienna, Riemergasse 11


  Grossmütterchen Hatz 11-PIECE-BAND

   are presenting the new program

 "Terry goes around"



Spielräume on Friday on Austrian Radio Oe1
14 February 2014
17:30 - just listen-:)