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Kombinat Alpenrösli


In 2015, a theater-musical project was initiated by Roman Britschgi and completely redeveloped. The performances on a metal water lily took place in cities around Lake Lucerne.

* * The premiere at the pink beauty - lake stage at the vierwaldstätterseeli took place on the 5th of June in lüz from 20.15 clock * *
There are battles fought over the history, foreign gold explorers attacked with country music and traditional Hellenbardengymnastik taught. Desperate is looking for youth-free legends and the idyllic alpine meadow suddenly mutates to the Aprésskitanzfläche. The notes seem to be bewitched and bearded elders do not want anything more than to Brazil. The wonders from the legendary world pass through the mediation seminar. This is how culture is imparted.