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Richie Winkler Project


We have recorded a CD and LP at the Radiokulturhaus in Vienna

I was nominated for the German Record Critics Award with the Richie Winkler Project and am now I´m on the longlist.

Richie Winkler Project - Stitch Down - Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik Alessar Records - ALR 1095 Jury Jazz I.

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the new CD is out now!

the LP is out now!!!

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Richie Winkler Project: "STITCH DOWN"

ALR 1095 

Jazz und Groovejazz at its best! 

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CD - Cover Foto  ©Kurt Van der Vloed

Graphic - ©Tino Klissenbauer

a new Video from the recording session!

das RichieWinkler Project 


RichieWinkler Project@Porgy&Bess_Fotocredit©E.Derschmidt

Groove Jazz

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3 Videos from the last gig are ready to watch and listen!

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Don´t Cry For Me Crete




Stitch Down


Liverecording at Tube´s in Graz played with Bassclarinet.



Richie Winkler Projekt feat. Frauenlob/Stolz/Derschmidt

This is the latest creation of Richie Winkler, which emerged from the jazz-duo project " FJORD " by Winkler & Frauenlob. Within that project the two musicians have found a common language to bring their individual musical inspirations and expressions to the stage.

With the "Richie Winkler project feat. Frauenlob / Stolz / Derschmidt” there is now an expanded continuation of that musical spirit with many new compositions and arrangements effectively implementing the added possibilities playing in a quartet.

The working title for the album being worked on is "Stitch Down"!

The meaning of Stich Down in its most handicraft-understanding being connecting the shoe and sole together, is in this work being extended, and in some form – let us say - slightly abused, to depict the beat of one of the new compositions, which could lead the one or other listener in the audience to get motivated to elevate from chair-dancing to expressive, massively freed movements.

This project expands on the language of jazz, spanning an attractive, captivating arc through its history in order to ultimately present its own, novel dialect.

"Our goal has not been to reinvent the wheel, but using, applying and transforming the known - swing, groove and positive energy – putting new layers on top of each other and then performing the found in our common language.

We are referencing our work to the great masters such as Thelonius Monk, Chick Corea, John Coltrane, Steve Lacy, Edie Harries, Art Pepper, Cannonball Adderley to Kenny Garrett, Steve Coleman, Greg Osby and Gary Thomas, Michael Brecker to Brandford Marsalis.

The expression in our language is lyrical, figurative, flamboyant, and yet very sensitively permeated by very emotional improvisations from multiple perspectives."

Situational and performative at the same time, always based on deconstruction, transformation and recreation.

Nevertheless, a very strict design language with attention to detail persists in the compositions by Richie Winkler and Burkhard Frauenlob.


Richie Winkler - saxophones, bass clarinet 

Burkhard Frauenlob - piano, keyboard 

Wolfram Derschmidt - bass 

Christian Stolz - drums 





Spielräume Ö1 ORF  - Austrian Broadcast

Many thanks to Johann Kneihs for this great programme - Spielräume Ö1 ORF - with this title and content:

Passionate albums in classical jazz instrumentation.
Music from all directions with Johann Kneihs. Over hill and dale: Richie Winkler and Joe Abentung
5 August 2021, 17:30

Richie Winkler also finds and treads a path with ever surprising turns. In recent years, he has been active mainly in the border area of jazz and world music, klezmer and Balkan, for example in the Sandy Lopicic Orkestar, DJ Shantel's Bucovina Club Orkestar, with Großmütterchen Hatz and Klok or in Markus Schirmer's Scurdia. Now, on the album "Stitch Down", the saxophonist has returned to his original passion: jazz. And he does so with gripping original compositions and equally gripping sidemen: Burkhard Frauenlob on piano, Wolfram Derschmidt on bass and Christian Stolz on drums create a dense, exciting atmosphere.

What distinguishes both albums is the audible passion and joy of playing in the constellation of the classical trio or quartet formation, which does not sound old at all on these CDs.

Thanks to Johann Kneihs


MICA Austria

a great review!!!!! Many thanks to 

Conny Ebruster

Originating from the Duo FJORD the Richie Winkler Project features now four musicians RICHIE WINKLER, BURKHARD FRAUENLOB, WOLFRAM DERSCHMIDT and CHRISTIAN STOLZ, each one an expert in interpreting classic jazz in an exciting way and who, together, are now impressively attracting attention for the first time with “Stitch Down” (Alessa Records).

The Richie Winkler Project emerged from the Duo FJORD, originally featuring Richie Winkler (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet) and Burkhard Frauenlob (piano, keyboard) through addition of the two musicians Wolfram Derschmidt (bass) and Christian Stolz (drums) to a jazz quartet to pursue a new musical approach. The four musicians celebrate their own band sound on “Stitch Down”, the development its expansion is strongly influenced by the broad spectrum of jazz history. The goal of the team of four is to get the listeners to stand up and dance, to generate positive energy and transfer it to the audience. In addition, the album is also a tribute to the great masters such as Cannonball Adderley, Kenny Garrett or John Coltrane.

Richie Winkler and Burkhard Frauenlob are responsible for the very comprehensive compositions, telling their musical stories through wonderfully varied arcs of tension. What is presented by the ensemble oscillates in an extraordinarily thrilling way between swing, groove and successful improvisations and develops a tone that carries a lot of emotion and takes on an almost pictorial character. When you listen through the individual musical creations of the Richie Winkler Project, your imagination is inevitably stimulated, you feel invited to immerse yourself in the spherical soundscape of the quartet and let yourself be carried away.

With “Stitch Down” the four musicians of the project prove that they have done their homework in jazz masterfully and that they know how to get a lot of new and exciting out of the classical. The album convinces with its very lively and playful substance, which stands out from any theory in a refreshing way.

Conny Ebruster




Great, thanks to Simon Sargsyan

"Richie Winkler and Burkhard Frauenlob are responsible for the very comprehensive compositions, telling their musical stories through wonderfully varied arcs of tension. What is presented by the ensemble oscillates in an extraordinarily thrilling way between swing, groove and successful improvisations and develops a tone that carries a lot of emotion and takes on an almost pictorial character. When you listen through the individual musical creations of the Richie Winkler Project, your imagination is inevitably stimulated, you feel invited to immerse yourself in the spherical soundscape of the quartet and let yourself be carried away."

Simon Sargsyan



Concerto magazine

Thanks to Concerto magazine for the great review!

Richie Winkler Project feat. Frauenlob/Stolz/Derschmidt

"Stitch Down"

Alessa Records, Distribution, Sound Design

11 hot-blooded compositions by saxophonist Richie Winkler and his bandmate, pianist Burkhard Frauenlob, who together with Wolfram Derschmidt on double bass and Christian Stolz on drums create a captivating arc through jazz history. Winkler's affinity for Klezmer music shines through, as does his desire to "lift the sit-down dancers off their stools" - and he has certainly succeeded in doing so with this album. Modern jazz that cannot be pigeonholed and balances skilfully and with relish between the genres. ost





a literary contribution, thank you very much f. dupuis-panther

This album is the condensate of a new project that emerged from the duo programme "Fjord" by Winkler & Frauenlob.

The duo has now grown into a quartet with the following members: Richie Winkler (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet), Burkhard Frauenlob (piano, keyboard), Wolfram Derschmidt (bass) and Christian Stolz (drums). About the album "Stitch Down" we read, among other things: "This means that in this programme not only the soles of the shoes are to be stitched down for the one or other dance step, but the beat is also stitched down in the truest sense of the word to lift sitters off their stools! ... The wheel has not been reinvented, but nevertheless it swings and grooves in equal measure and sprays positive energy in no small measure."

"Morning in Blue" is not at the beginning, but at the end of the album's tracks. It opens not with a "Morning Greeting" but with "Don't Cry For Me Crete". You can also hear "Shifting Motivation", "Fjord", "Stitch Down", "Lacrymosa", "The Crane" and "Trainspotting", among others.

Don't Cry For Me Crete" comes along with a lot of speed, opening with a lot of drumming and a saxophone sequence that sails along. It makes you think of freshening winds just before a storm. Without question, the saxophonist determines the sound colouring and the line structure of the piece. Certainly, the rhythm section is perceptible, but rather in the background. Meanwhile, the saxophone chirps, croons and roars to the full. But then it is up to the pianist to pick up what Richie Winkler has "sung" before. What can be heard are cascades of sound from a low drop, accompanied by strong rustling and rushing swirls, for which the drummer is responsible. But then it is Richie Winkler again who provides powerful blowing, moving through the scales of his instrument. And at the end there is a veritable percussion solo with dancing sticks over the eardrums and for the eardrums of the listeners. Short sounds of the saxophonist are finely interspersed in this solo.

Pearly keyboard playing and saxophone whirring and whirring surround the listener in "Guarana". Members of the quartet show themselves in alternating duo combinations, whether saxophonist with pianist or bassist with pianist. The image of fountain water sprayed by the wind comes to mind, but also of rushing water in basins fed by fountains.  This moment of pictorial digression is abruptly interrupted by the theme performed by the saxophonist. Sonorous and subtle sounds reach the listener's ears. In the passages that Richie Winkler plays, one can certainly get the idea that jive is briefly on the agenda. But then Winkler's playing becomes more and more liberated and exalted. The purring and whirring turns into a rolling turmoil of sound. "Shifting Motivation" is obvious because of the beat, which is due to the drummer and not a metronome, but sounds the same. In addition, the bass hums at the top of its lungs and the "gurgling" of a bass clarinet can be heard. And on it goes with Taktaktak in an endless loop. "Take Five" fantasies are included, aren't they? With deep timbre from the belly, bass clarinettist Richie Winkler takes us on the further musical journey. Christian Stolz can be heard as a drummer with incessant tactak. Gradually, funk spreads before bassist Wolfram Derschmidt takes hold of the strings and makes us think of a bit of "Respect". Or is that just the free-floating imagination of the reviewer? 

With "Fjord", one has to get away from Nordic fjord sound in the sense of Jan Garbarek. Instead, we are confronted with soft drawings with a sound painting determined by the saxophonist. Where does he take us? To a blooming alp perhaps? Here and there the saxophonist's voice derails, catches itself again, takes a new run-up and takes the listener along with changing sound steps. We dive into fast sweeping waters of sound with the pianist, who is replaced by the bassist with a solo. Derschmidt's performance is playful. Can Winkler be heard afterwards with his soprano saxophone in the final phase of the track? One could think so. Now follows the track "Stitch Down", which gave the present album its name. And what are the musicians stitching down here? Because that is the German translation of the title. As before, the saxophonist largely dominates the musical events, filling sound surface after sound surface with curving waves of sound. But there is also an attempt at musical balance when the pianist hums the lines of the piece. Here and there you think you have heard some of Winkler's phrasing before in other pieces in a similar or identical way. Or is this to be confused with the theme of the piece?

Can you hear a steam train letting off steam at the beginning of "Trainspotting"? Are the wheels squeaking as they start to roll? Or is it simply free jazz that the ensemble celebrates, with and without tubes, squeaks, beads, purrs and rattles as well as a dialogue between bass and saxophone? And somehow the blues also seems to impose itself, albeit alienated. Pianist Burkhard Frauenlob lets us experience the calm waters of sound, here and there echoing Garner, one might think hastily. What is striking is the accentuation by the bass hand and the cascading with the other hand, like a parforceride. Afterwards, we listen to moving saxophone sequences that slowly fade out, only to push into the foreground again. The final chord is "Morning in Blue". There is no sense of sleepiness. Life is already in full swing, or so the quartet suggests. In this piece, as before, life is fragmented into individual elements, even if Richie Winkler's blowing does leave a lasting impression.

© f. dupuis-panther




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Foto Credits: Pia Johanna Fronia



Foto Credits: Pia Johanna Fronia



Richie Winkler 

Saxophone, Bass-Clarinet, Comp.


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